Friday, March 27, 2009

Toys For the iLiad.

Amazing how every little device comes with a lot of bits and pieces to make it more useful. My first SLR I needed 2 camera bags and a lot of stuff about keeping it clean.. My 17 inch laptop needed 2 laptop cases and a bunch of other stuff. My iLiad comes with a list of equipment that I need to make it more useful and just fun to own.

Due to the power management issues. I'm adding Travel Hub and a extra power cord. I can have one set at home and plugged in and one set in it's own little case so that I can carry it with me. Oh did I forget to tell you about the case to carry that in? I have to keep them together and neat.

The stylus is the same small stylus that comes with most electronic equipment. My plot is order a replacement stylus and a better one for the book cover. The one in the book cover I'll use most of the time. It maybe a replacement for a tablet PC. The pens I have for my Acer is very comfortable. I can use that all day long. I just have to find some cheaply. When I bought them they were 14 dollars now everyone seems to think they were a 100 dollar commodity.

A black leather book cover on an ebook reader is like a wedding dress on a bride. How can you have an ebook reader with out one of these. You really just can't and an iLiad you need a place to put your pen/stylus and your extra cards and stuff. I've also found InvisibleSheild this stuff covers the entire device and it is like armour. It's scratch proof and good protection for all electronic devices that you want to let sit around nude (with out a hard case). I just find this needed because fingers and dirt can get on anything.

That's my shopping list beside the memory cards. I got an SD card today. I'm going to get a big CF card for books and a little card for reflashing. Let the games begin

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