Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cool tools for version control.

I started using version control on my personal projects about a year ago now. I had a hard drive crash and I lost some project that I was working on. I cried, bought a new hard drive, reimaged and started again with the cadveat I'd do better.

So I started doing better my way. I loved subversion since I had to use it at Catalyst. It never messed up a project and it was nice and easy to use. I downloaded Tortiose and found a site to host it for free.

I thought My Version Control was a god send. I was able to tell my client he was important enough to warrent off site back up. I was able to give several other ppl working on the project with me access. they could read the wiki. Yea.. that was a move in the right direction.

At work I have a VSS system to do the source control and it's all nice inside the IDE. I never really liked it but I deal with it. and go and find who has the file locked and IMing them to get out of the file that I need. I remember the senior devs wanted a plugin into the IDE so they can "live in the IDE". I always joke about it not having a roof. Well I went to code camp (Generic name for meeting). It was a hands on camp and dude had all kinds of amazing toys. I wanted his toys his Subversion was inside his VS his nunit test thing was inside his VS and I discovered Resharper.

The Anhk Project is that plug in. I added it tonight and I think it's really cool. I coded a bit on my project and it's sweet just what I need right there where I need it. I also added test and it works well to running unit tests with in vs.

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