Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hinge Replacement

Ok today I replaced the Hinge in my laptop. I'm very pleased with the work I did and the smount of time it took me.

From looking in the manaul that I found with a google search. I estamated the time to be about an hour. Real time was an hour thrity minutes. Very few snags.

One of the snags I ran into was that the old hinge was broken into 3 pieces. The top part came off the base and it was locked into place in keep the top hinge cover tangled in it.

I removed the keyboard and the back cover and was able to unscrew the base of the hinge from the laptop. I had the screen off the hinge cover was still attached so when I had removed the screws from the bezel I couldn't get the top off. A little screwdriver play and I was able to remove it.

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