Sunday, January 18, 2009

OLPC XO & Fujitsu U810 at Starbucks

This is a cool shoot of two of my favorite computer toys. the OLPC XO and the u810.

My plans is to add the u810 to my pc lineup at the end of this year if I'm still loving the form factor. It's small and light and something I can have with me all the time. It will become my dayplaner and my book reader and it can also do duty as a photo laptop. Humm isn't that what I said my current tablet will be. Yea but that would be down right to cool for school.

The OLPC (one Laptop per Child) is the laptop I was banking on changing the world. I'd love for poor inner city children to have a laptop like that to replace books and for study. The one they're shipping to 3rd world countries has a hand crank so that the children with out power can power it with muscle power.

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