Sunday, June 29, 2008

Board Games to SilverLight.

I've been playing with silverlight and I've come up with the idea that I can make a board game a web game with Silverlight and C#.NET

I love to play games and the new crop of board games out there seem like they may be really cool to do. I wonder if I can pull this off.

Acer TravelMate C300 update

I've done a little bit of mods to this humble machine. It had a purpose when I bought it. This is the gaming machine and the photography view machine. This is the lugabout when I wanted something that wasn't my 17 inch dual core laptop.

I'm into roleplaying games and wargames and I have alot of pdf's Orginally I thought well a double-sided Dvd full of PDF's is like 10 GIGs of stuff(roughly). A tablet is a good thing to read this on. I can lay it flat and search it faster then a book. I can flip it around and show ppl the pretty pics from the books or maps from adventures. Then I saw it an advertisement from micro center. The hard drive was dirt cheap less then 100 bucks for 250GB. Guess what memory transplant. Removed the old hard drive reloaded my OS with the factory restore discs added my software and I'm off. CC2 for giggles and bang.

Ok ok it's also surpose to carry my photos when I'm out shooting a model or something. Lighter then my 17 inch laptop. Fits well in most camera bags. After using CC2 on it with the tablet I feel in love and I may even add another blog for gaming stuff(that's another story). Memory upgrade to 2GIGs hit. Went to and got my chips they came I seated them. Ooh what did this have to do with using CC2. I added all my canon and freeware image stuff to it and now I got GIMPshop and stuff running there so I can manipulate photos on the tablet. Sweet.

So that's what I did to the thing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Thought Brave because I'm too afraid to run away

Yea.. I am I bought a laptop on ebay with the not that it will POST. This was a scary thought. What if something was wrong. I couldn't stop a Tablet PC for 200 bucks who could. I mean it's like it Posts so the System board is good. There isn't bloody much in there. It's system board and LCD screen. really. That's how laptops are built small. They put everything on one IC Board.

So I think about it. Hard Drives are cheap. WIFI cards Cheap Pricwatch. I call up Acer. I mean the laptop is an ACER and I find I need the restore CD's and PENS and AC cord. I find .. no support with out a serial number. Shit this thing had to come before I got any support. That's Jacked.

Ok the day it came the I placed the order for bits.. and they where Cheap. so Cheap I ordered 2 of everything. It was amazing they had batteries and Cpu's and every part like Christmas to a kid in a candy store. I loved it. Over nighted.

I plugged it in and Wham it worked. everything lit up like japanese xmas. I loaded my OS and it worked. my pens worked and the screen was neat.