Friday, January 30, 2009

New Gear

Every payday visions of laptops dance in my head like sugarplums in the minds of children at Christmas. My visions include cool FlyBooks and U810s as well as 17 inch screen monsters. I see big hard drives and storage out the ass. I see Blu-Ray drives and discs.

There was a time I was pretty happy with the computers I had. My old Travelmate and my newish Averatec 17 inch laptop. They filled my needs.

I had a perfect laptop to code on. The Averatec was a great machine for that. It had the screen space I love. It had a fast 64bit processor. I had upgraded the ROM to 4Gigs even though the OS didn't handle more then 3. I also upgraded the hard drive to 350 Gigs. Simply a great machine.

My Travelmate is my machine I love to carry. I can show my photos on it. I can have my PDFs for my goofy Role-Playing games. I could show my maps and create with it. This little machine is a great carry lighter then my 17 inch and less unwieldy.

With all I have going what would make me want more. I experience the lost of both of my machines functioning like I want them to. My systemboard on my Averatec is shot. I broke the hinge on my Travelmate.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

OLPC XO & Fujitsu U810 at Starbucks

This is a cool shoot of two of my favorite computer toys. the OLPC XO and the u810.

My plans is to add the u810 to my pc lineup at the end of this year if I'm still loving the form factor. It's small and light and something I can have with me all the time. It will become my dayplaner and my book reader and it can also do duty as a photo laptop. Humm isn't that what I said my current tablet will be. Yea but that would be down right to cool for school.

The OLPC (one Laptop per Child) is the laptop I was banking on changing the world. I'd love for poor inner city children to have a laptop like that to replace books and for study. The one they're shipping to 3rd world countries has a hand crank so that the children with out power can power it with muscle power.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hinge Replacement

Ok today I replaced the Hinge in my laptop. I'm very pleased with the work I did and the smount of time it took me.

From looking in the manaul that I found with a google search. I estamated the time to be about an hour. Real time was an hour thrity minutes. Very few snags.

One of the snags I ran into was that the old hinge was broken into 3 pieces. The top part came off the base and it was locked into place in keep the top hinge cover tangled in it.

I removed the keyboard and the back cover and was able to unscrew the base of the hinge from the laptop. I had the screen off the hinge cover was still attached so when I had removed the screws from the bezel I couldn't get the top off. A little screwdriver play and I was able to remove it.