Saturday, August 10, 2013

Open Source and .NET Development.

I have an ebook reader so what do you want me to do but read. I read the book Open Source .NET Development. I've always been interested in Open Source projects. I am a .NET developer so they went together. They talked mostly about the Open Source tools to build a .NET project. They left out one thing. The people, the people and personalities involved in building a project using the open source tools.

The books was written in 2004. I don't think they had knowledge that XML documentation was now a built in standard feature of Visual Studio. They talked about using NDoc to document the project with XML documentation. That's a great tool but you have to get the programs to write the documentation first.

I work on projects with alot of undocumented features and methods. It would some times be great if I could use the Object Browser and find the method and the classes I need. This is not always the case. Someone has to first take the time to type /// in order to start the documentation of the method. Then they have to put something in there.

The next chapters talk about unit testing. Well the hard part with this is you have to define what unit testing is. The idea that you just test one little thing.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cell Phones are the personal computers of the future

Now !!

Yea that's what I thought... too dramatic but think about it.

We usually think in the future. We fantasize about knowing anything with a touch of a button. Some device that I can ask questions and get answers. Something I can read books on or at least access books on. We imagine movies and other entertainment would be a touch of a button away. That future is here and now in our cellphones.

Most smart phones give us more then just a camera. (Remember when this was the big add in feature?) Older smart phones like the N95 from Nokia gave you more then just a nice camera. This phone gave you access to download applications like word processors and spreadsheet applications. I was inpressed by the idea you could access flickr on a cell phone.

The Iphone gives you more then just an MP3 player.