Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cool tools for version control.

I started using version control on my personal projects about a year ago now. I had a hard drive crash and I lost some project that I was working on. I cried, bought a new hard drive, reimaged and started again with the cadveat I'd do better.

So I started doing better my way. I loved subversion since I had to use it at Catalyst. It never messed up a project and it was nice and easy to use. I downloaded Tortiose and found a site to host it for free.

I thought My Version Control was a god send. I was able to tell my client he was important enough to warrent off site back up. I was able to give several other ppl working on the project with me access. they could read the wiki. Yea.. that was a move in the right direction.

At work I have a VSS system to do the source control and it's all nice inside the IDE. I never really liked it but I deal with it. and go and find who has the file locked and IMing them to get out of the file that I need. I remember the senior devs wanted a plugin into the IDE so they can "live in the IDE". I always joke about it not having a roof. Well I went to code camp (Generic name for meeting). It was a hands on camp and dude had all kinds of amazing toys. I wanted his toys his Subversion was inside his VS his nunit test thing was inside his VS and I discovered Resharper.

The Anhk Project is that plug in. I added it tonight and I think it's really cool. I coded a bit on my project and it's sweet just what I need right there where I need it. I also added test and it works well to running unit tests with in vs.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Specs of the travelmate or ....

Hell I ran out of shit to do to it.

Currently I'm sitting here typing on a 200 dollar laptop with a little over 200 dollars in parts added in and 200 dollars of basic stuff from Acer and I'm as pleased as a pea in a pod. Yea I spent 600 bucks on it. But I think I'm much less then a grand and I have a tablet PC that does what I want. Here is what I have

  • Acer Travelmate 300 .... 200 bucks.
  • 2 Ac Adaptors and 2 Pens 2 100 bucks
  • Factory Restore CD Roms 100 bucks
  • 2 1Gig Memory Sticks ... a little over a 100 bucks ... I'm saying 100 bucks because it's fun.
  • 250 GB hard drive 100 bucks... it was 135 OK I'm saying 150 bucks to make up for the mem sticks.

OK so after some tasteful correcting and the pens and ac adaptors cost less then 100 bucks the expensive thing was the overnight shipping which I saved on the restore CD Roms. And I have a respectable machine. I can't think of anything new to do with this PC except to change the CPU.,,, No I don't think so I'm pretty happy now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Unmountable Boot Device ooh my

Yea this is a boot error that is pretty hard to fix in the time of OS partians on the hard drive. And disc images on CD. I mean how do you get to the recovery window when this happens. Don't you need a copy of the OS to fix it.

Answer is yeppers. I'm lucky I'm a smart monkey and always make sure I buy a DVD of the microsoft product I'm going to use. That also usually mean being behind the times. In this day in age when everyone is doing vista I'm still doing Windows XP. Simply so I have the disc with the os burnt on it.

The fix is simple. Insert the Windows XP DVD. Boot the PC and select the repair option. Run chkdsk /p. If it returns one or more errors run chkdsk /r. This should repair the errors. If you can't fix the errors your hard drive has gone to the great beyond.

I bought a secondary 350 GB hard drive for my avetatec. So I'll be cooking with crisco and I was able to burn off dvd's of data.