Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cell Phones are the personal computers of the future

Now !!

Yea that's what I thought... too dramatic but think about it.

We usually think in the future. We fantasize about knowing anything with a touch of a button. Some device that I can ask questions and get answers. Something I can read books on or at least access books on. We imagine movies and other entertainment would be a touch of a button away. That future is here and now in our cellphones.

Most smart phones give us more then just a camera. (Remember when this was the big add in feature?) Older smart phones like the N95 from Nokia gave you more then just a nice camera. This phone gave you access to download applications like word processors and spreadsheet applications. I was inpressed by the idea you could access flickr on a cell phone.

The Iphone gives you more then just an MP3 player.

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